Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Foreign Universities in India

The cabinet has approved the entry of Foreign Universities in India. There is increasing interest by foreign universities to engage with Indian higher education, however, the form and nature of their interests are different. There are three distinct segments of universities interested in India
  • Prestige-enhancing (top-50 universities)
  • Prestige-seeking (next-tier of 100 universities)
    • Revenue/profit maximizing universities.
    Good foreign universities coming to India will make a great difference to our education sector. Every year thousands of students apply for foreign Universities, some get through and some don’t. Applying in foreign universities is also limited by the individual’s capacity to pay. Currently, although foreign universities are allowed to conduct classes in India, they cannot grant degrees; for that Indian students have to go to the institution's origin. Imagine what greater opportunities would be available to Indian students if accredited foreign institutions offere degree programs in India to expand access to higher education to Indian students.

    Graduates of accredited foreign institutes play important role in the development of India upon their return home. Imagine what if these graduates remain in India after completion of their education and they can contribute in the development of their motherland. This bill is certainly going to improve the quality of Indian education and a large number of privately held educational institutions that are not top class will be forced to shape up.

    The universities will be forced to develop their ambiance, introduce better faculty and pump in more funds for their research facilities as foreign universities pay a lot to their researchers. This step will open the platform for a healthy and mindful forum. Indian educators recognize the need to bridge the gap between education and industry. The time is right to prepare graduates for tomorrow’s careers.


    Ankur Sharma said...

    I hope the top foreign universities do open their campuses in India. From what i had read in an article in TOI, China, Singapore and some other east asian countries had opened the gates for universities much earlier, but very few universities have shown interest in opening campuses there. You dont hear universities like Hardward,MIT etc having any plans to set up campus in south east Asia. I hope Indian Govt can provide some incentives to these universities which make India as their preferred choice for new campus and students in India get benefiited..

    Careerinfoline said...

    As per Kapil Sabil..govt. has planned properly to take care that acredited Universities come to India.Entry of Universities looking for business benefit or just to attain some publicity will be taken care.And yes you have touched a very good point about govt, providing incentive to promote top class Universities to setup their campus here..Hope to see a better tomorrow :))