Monday, January 24, 2011

HCL Software Test

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HCL Software. written Test (computer science)

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview Process in MBA Entrance

If you have a face to face interview, remember that professional appearance and punctuality makes first impression the best. Admission officers will also ask your motivation for pursuing MBA. An MBA is a big investment, and it is important to ensure that the candidate is pursuing an MBA for the right reason. It is worth preparing some questions to ask the interviewer to show that you have done your homework. The interview is a reflection and how you will participate in a lectures and case study discussion.
In some cases, admission officers are unable to conduct personal interview with Indian candidates so the application form is the only means of assessing candidate motivation and abilities. An MBA demands a high degree of effort and commitment. Solid credentials, good work experience, or even sound academic achievements do not outweigh an application that is poorly presented. Admission officers will be questioning the motivation of someone who has not take the time and effort to complete their form carefully. Initially write a draft version so that the final version is perfect in all respect. Application essays enable evaluation of the candidate ability to communicate their thoughts in clear, concise manner. Improperly prepared essays shows that candidate has not put much time or thought into the application. Extracurricular activities such as voluntary work can strengthen an application. Moreover includes achievements that demonstrate your integrity, motivation, leadership, creativity and team work skill.

A reference letter from a senior manager, particularly from a well known organization, is desirable. However, admission officer recognize that many talented applicant work in a family business, or small firms. Successful candidates are those who have the drive, capacity for hard work, along with team work, communication and analytical skills that can help them to reach higher posts after completing the program.
GMAT (graduate management aptitude test)
It is a computer adaptive test mandatory for advanced study in business and management. All business school will assess the GMAT score of the candidate before giving admission to MBA programs. It measures student's general, verbal, analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills. The quantitative section of the test measures basic mathematical, analytical and problem solving skill of the candidate. GMAT consists of seven subdivision each consisting of multiple choice questions. Total testing time is three hours and 30 minutes that is held six days a week for three weeks every months. Score validity is 5 years.
TOFEL- test of English as a foreign language evaluates the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. About 2400 education institutes in the US and Canada requires TOFEL SOCRES FOR ADMISSION. The test is also used by institutes in other countries where English is the language of instruction. TOFEL tests the ability to understand north American English. TOFEL test is administered as a computer based test in India.
Computer based test has no question paper or answer sheets. It will have different set of questions for different examinees. Also, it never gives an answer of not answering a question. The test is scored out of 300 and the duration of the test is 4 hours.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Having the right attitude for finding the perfect job

When you start searching for a job, the most important factor to keep in mind is to have a right attitude towards the search for the job. The candidates are required to have a positive attitude towards the interviewer and the job type, so that he succeeds in forming a good impression at him.
The Jobs all over the country are given to the candidates on the basis of their caliber and the educational qualification they have. The candidates have always been very cautious in giving interviews and framing the correct image in front of the interviewer. Other than having a perfectly build resume, the candidate should also prepare himself for various rounds in the interview. Each round in an interview is to judge the mental stability and caliber of the candidate and how well he can perform in the worst of the crisis situations.
The Various Types of Jobs available in marketing are Architect Jobs, Education Jobs.
Making a good resume, is not the only thing required to make a good start for job search. The candidates need to search vigorously and except having posted his resumes in the top online job sites of the country, he should also take care of the following points:
1.) He should make good use of his contacts and turn them into good job opportunities for him. Socializing with the top leaders of different companies helps the job seekers to land up with a prosperous job in one of the renowned companies of the country. The students should also keep good contacts with the professors or the heads of the colleges or the institutes to take their help at the time of placements.
2.) The area for the search of the job should be finalized and the candidate should follow a single minded approach while searching a job for him. The candidate should always have a set of prioritized things, according to which he keeps on moving.
3.) Follow –up: when a candidate send a resume to a company or to a particular official, then it is in his benefits that he follows up for his resume and checks the chances of his being called for the interview.
4.) One should also try to drop CV's manually, whenever and wherever he goes. Though, with the implementation of online medium, very less people take reference of the print format of the resumes, but still taking a chance does not harm the candidate in any ways.
5.) Job seekers should always keep a track of the advertisements for jobs in the print media. There are email alerts for the online jobs, but the candidates often tend to miss the job opportunities, which come in the newspapers or the magazines. Therefore, the candidates should make it a habit to go through the weekly job newspapers.
6.) Prepare for the various rounds of the interview, and the candidate should always be cautious of his attitude and behavior at the time of the interview.
7.) One should never forget to exchange his business cards, when going for a business meeting or for an interview. This gives a good professional impression on the person and it increases his chances of being called for future projects.
8.) The candidates should always be optimistic and should never adopt a depressing attitude towards the accomplishment of a good job. One should always believe that there is a perfect job for him and he should keep trying for the same.
The above mentioned points are very much necessary for the job seekers to have adopted in their approach, while searching a job. The job market in India is expanding, thereby creating job opportunities for every individual. Thus, candidates should not think negative about not being able to grab a job, but should always keep moving ahead with the righteous approach of grabbing the perfect job.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

TCS Interview Experience is a mentorship forum, where one can get access to professionals from various domains. You too can get benefited.

I am Mandeep Singh pursuing my in Electronics & communication, here I am going to share my first interview experience in TCS, well after clearing its written test, I have mixed feelings on the one side I was in high spirits and on the other I was tensed because I want to get through, since I already missed an opportunity to take part in Infosys placement process. TCS interview was taken in three phases one was technical, second was MR and the last one is HR. Following I have explained my confrontation with interviewers in each phase.

My name was called and I went in the room, first I greeted him and then I was asked to have a seat.
1. First, TCS Interviewer asked me some general questions like introduce yourself, family background, about my schooling and why TCS, I answered these questions.
2. Then TCS Interviewer asked about my favorite subjects, I answered SDC and DE. Then he asked some basics of semiconductors and DE, which were easy to answer.
3. As I have done my training from BSNL, so TCS Interviewer asked me to explain that how a mobile get connected to Landline, this I tried to explain the best way I can and I think that I almost satiate him.
4. Next, TCS Interviewer came to my project and first asked me to explain its working, which I did and then he asked about my contribution in the project.
5. After that TCS Interviewer asked me about something creative that I have done in college. I told him about the play in which I took part.
6. Then TCS Interviewer asked me to tell something creative work that I have done in my technical field, well I really had nothing to proclaim about except my project so I told him the same.
7. Next I was given a puzzle to solve, the puzzle is as follows:
If  there is a circular  pond and a lily in its center fully cover the pond with its growth in 20 days, then how much time it would take to cover it half? Well, I don’t know its solution, but the answer I gave there was wrong as told by interviewer.

8. Then TCS Interviewer asked me that had I ever examined my CPU to which I nodded yes and then he told me to name all the components in it, I answered all the components which came to my mind at that time.
9. In my resume in computer languages I have mentioned C, so he asked me to write a program to print pattern as shown below:
      *     *
*        *      *
I tried to solve it by loop method, but I failed to complete within the time given to me. So he stopped me and asked me to leave.
I was not sure whether I impressed him enough to pass my resume to next stage, but I was relieved when my name was in the list of students whom MR and HR were on next day.
Next day I was the first to give MR. so following is my experience of MR

First, I asked his permission to enter room and then greeted him and took seat.
  1. Again I was told to introduce myself. Previous day results of technical were with him and TCS MR Interviewer questioned about my programming skills to which I assured him that I will work on it. In giving my intro I added a line in last that I want to be a responsible citizen of my country, here he trapped me. TCS MR Interviewer asked me the name of latest movie that I’d seen and where did I watch it, in reply I said 3 idiots and I watched it in my pc, so he made me realize that how could I be a responsible citizen if I’m watching pirated movies, at that time I was numb but I accepted my mistake and assured him that I’ll do take care of this thing in future. So it is better to say only those lines in intro which you could back up and which doesn’t land you in trouble.
  2. Then TCS MR Interviewer questioned me that why should I select you, to which I told him about my strengths.
  3. After that he asked me my favorite. Subject, so this time I answered SDC.
  4. Then he asked me to tell differences b/w transistor and MOSFETS, which I answered very easily. After that he asked me to draw an MOSFET on paper which I drew to best of my knowledge.
  5. TCS MR Interviewer asked me to name any new technology which has emerged in past one year in the field of electronics & communication or computers, well I never been in touch with tech magazine so I was unable to answer this question.
  6. TCS MR Interviewer told me to name all appliances in which semiconductors are used, so I name all of them which I knew.
After this question he announced the end of my MR and asked me to leave, well this phase went well excluding few mistakes, like I also fumbled in b/w due to nervousness.
After a wait of near about 30 minutes my name was announced for HR. My HR was taken by a lady.
When I entered room she asked me to sit down. Then the round of question-answer started.
  1. TCS HR Interviewer’s first question was why TCS? To which I told her some points which I jotted down during their ppt like company growth, opportunities provided to freshers, novel work carried by company, etc.
  2. Then she asked about my strengths and weakness. Well telling your weakness you should give very witty answer. I told her that my bad handwriting and over-ambitious nature are my weakness, she was impressed with this answer.
  3. After that she asked me about my hobbies to which I told reading novels and motivational books, so she asked  about the books I read and my favorite out of all that and why, which I answered without any difficulty.
  4. In last TCS HR Interviewer explained me terms and conditions of their contract and asked whether I agree with these to which I responded in yes.
Then she asked me to leave and wish me best of luck for my future.
Well after a long interval of wait finally they announced the students who made through and fortunately I was in the lucky list.