Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Interview Process in MBA Entrance

If you have a face to face interview, remember that professional appearance and punctuality makes first impression the best. Admission officers will also ask your motivation for pursuing MBA. An MBA is a big investment, and it is important to ensure that the candidate is pursuing an MBA for the right reason. It is worth preparing some questions to ask the interviewer to show that you have done your homework. The interview is a reflection and how you will participate in a lectures and case study discussion.
In some cases, admission officers are unable to conduct personal interview with Indian candidates so the application form is the only means of assessing candidate motivation and abilities. An MBA demands a high degree of effort and commitment. Solid credentials, good work experience, or even sound academic achievements do not outweigh an application that is poorly presented. Admission officers will be questioning the motivation of someone who has not take the time and effort to complete their form carefully. Initially write a draft version so that the final version is perfect in all respect. Application essays enable evaluation of the candidate ability to communicate their thoughts in clear, concise manner. Improperly prepared essays shows that candidate has not put much time or thought into the application. Extracurricular activities such as voluntary work can strengthen an application. Moreover includes achievements that demonstrate your integrity, motivation, leadership, creativity and team work skill.

A reference letter from a senior manager, particularly from a well known organization, is desirable. However, admission officer recognize that many talented applicant work in a family business, or small firms. Successful candidates are those who have the drive, capacity for hard work, along with team work, communication and analytical skills that can help them to reach higher posts after completing the program.
GMAT (graduate management aptitude test)
It is a computer adaptive test mandatory for advanced study in business and management. All business school will assess the GMAT score of the candidate before giving admission to MBA programs. It measures student's general, verbal, analytical, mathematical and problem solving skills. The quantitative section of the test measures basic mathematical, analytical and problem solving skill of the candidate. GMAT consists of seven subdivision each consisting of multiple choice questions. Total testing time is three hours and 30 minutes that is held six days a week for three weeks every months. Score validity is 5 years.
TOFEL- test of English as a foreign language evaluates the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. About 2400 education institutes in the US and Canada requires TOFEL SOCRES FOR ADMISSION. The test is also used by institutes in other countries where English is the language of instruction. TOFEL tests the ability to understand north American English. TOFEL test is administered as a computer based test in India.
Computer based test has no question paper or answer sheets. It will have different set of questions for different examinees. Also, it never gives an answer of not answering a question. The test is scored out of 300 and the duration of the test is 4 hours.

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