Thursday, November 18, 2010

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Thanks to CareerInfoline and it’s a matter of pleasure for me to share my experience with all those who are willing to get into Tech Mahindra.

I recently got a job offer from Tech Mahindra and in this write-up I will discuss my interview experience with all the readers of this blog.
The interview process had two rounds of interviews. A Technical and a H.R round, though I feel that their intention was to test a person’s IQ level and more importantly communication skills.
Let me begin by detailing you about the Technical Interview experience
After a long wait, a person shouted my name and so it was time for my technical interview of Tech Mahindra. I was excited as well as a bit nervous. I entered the room and politely requested for the Interviewer’s permission to be seated. With the certificate file in my hand, I was a bit confused as to where to keep it. Should I take the liberty of putting it in front of him on the table or to keep it on my lap and let him ask for it. I choose the latter of the two not willing to show any dare-devilry over here.

Before I could get comfortable with the surroundings, the first question was shot to me. Introduce Yourself? This was how I had expected my interview to begin. With well prepared speech I began though constantly focusing that the interviewer must not feel that I had mugged up all that I was blurting out. I had heard it from many people that a well prepared introduction with clearly emphasized focus points can play the trick of turning the interview in your preferred direction.

A few words of my introduction picked became the focus area and those words luckily were Electronics & Communication. With these two words started the Matrix like action sequence where the Interviewer was shooting questions and I was trying to fend them off.
1.    What is the difference between Electronics & Communication
2.    What is the difference between Instrumentation & Communication
3.    Write a C program to swap two numbers without using the third variable?
4.    One candle completely burns in 60mins. How can u burn it in 30 mins?
5.    There are 3 containers of 8ml, 5ml and 3ml capacity respectively without any marks on them. 8ml container is filled with milk. Divide milk in 8ml and 5ml container each having 4ml of milk?

Luckily I was able to answer most of the problems though the basic differences between Electronics, Communication and Instrumentation had put me in a spot.

After this, the interviewer started with a series of personal questions which too were from the few words I uttered in my Introduction.
1.      You like to read novels, so what kind of novels do you read?
2.      Name the authors of the novels that you have read?
3.      You said you want to be a responsible citizen of your country, what u exactly want to do?

Till this time I was able to manage my answers well and then, a googly was thrown at me
4.      What are your strengths?

I had prepared well about my strengths, but this is one of the weak links of everyone’s interview. I hoped that the interviewer doesn’t delve too deep into my strengths. I spoke of my two strengths with caution “Sir, I’m industrious and I can teach”.
The interviewer followed soon “What do you mean when you say you are industrious?” With more caution, I gathered strength to answer this one hoping that the cross questioning stops then and there. “Sir, I’m hard working and energetic”. Interviewer went a step ahead “How can you say that?” I replied “Sir, I take part time tuitions after my college hours and then too my academic performance is up to the mark. So you can make out that I am industrious”. Luckily it ended here and we went ahead to the next set of questions.

5.      If you have to work on tight & hectic schedule. How will you manage?
6.      Have you ever lived away from you home and family members?
7.      How will u manage to work in distant places away from your home?
The answer to this question was the high point of my interview. I politely said “Sir, technology has really made world to shrink. One can communicate with their loved ones anywhere, anytime. I don’t see any problem staying away from home. As a matter of fact my home is just a phone call away”
I could recognize that smile on his face which made me doubly sure that I had impressed him. So the interviewer was done with me and asked me if I had any questions. I promptly asked the following questions.
1.      What about Tech Mahindra impressed you the most?
2.      What qualities do you try to find while recruiting freshers?
After answering my questions, I was asked to leave and wait for the next round.

Sometime later, I was asked to appear for the H.R interview. The interviewer asked me the following questions.
1.      Why Tech Mahindra when any other company can provide you whatever we have to offer you?
2.      Did you know about Tech Mahindra before the placement drive?

It was a real short interview. The results were declared a few hours later and luckily I was among the selected few. Frankly, hearing my name in the list was one of the most memorable things that have happened to me.
All the best to every reader of this blog. Hope you all get through to great companies.

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