Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mahindra-Satyam Placement Experience

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Hi Friends
I am pursuing my B.Tech in Electronics from Hyderabad. I recently got selected in Satyam during one of their off-campus drives. The grandness of this affair can be seen with the numbers associated.

Participating Colleges – More than 20
Students appearing for written Exam – Over 4000
Students clearing written exam - Around 300
Final selections post interviews – Only 116

Just doing some basic math shows that a student appearing for the test has just a 2% chance of clearing the interview. I really feel privileged to be among those 2% and not among the 98%.
Learning from others experiences helped me prepare myself for this process. I hope my experience is of any help for some of you.

Written Test
The written test was divided in two parts:
1. Reasoning Section- 10 questions
2. Aptitude Section- 5 questions
Fifteen questions to be attempted in 30 minutes. Each question carried 1 mark and ¼ was deducted for each incorrect answer. Though the paper was not so tough but it was time consuming. My advice is to scan the paper initially and try to attempt the simpler questions first.
Though I don’t remember all the questions, but would like to tell you about some topics from which questions were asked.
1. Number Systems (Binary, Decimal)
2. Number Series: What number will follow the given set of numbers
3. Time and Work
4. Speed, Distance & Time
5. Profit & Loss
6. Simple Interest & Compound Interest
7. Permutations & Combinations
8. Problems based on shapes and orientations
9. Logical deductions
10. Reading Comprehension
11. Data Interpretation: Line Graphs, Bar Charts, Pie Charts

You can follow R.S Aggarwal for questions related to aptitude. You can also try tests which are available online @ www.careerinfoline.com for your preparation.

My take on this test is that the company generally tests our aptitude skills along with our time management skills. What matters is not the number of questions answered, but the number of questions answered correctly. So even if you know five out of fifteen perfectly, then just answer five questions. As a matter of fact, I answered nine of them and I was confident on five questions and the remaining four were from reasoning.
Resume & Essay Writing

All the students who cleared the written test were given a resume form. The form required us to fill details like College, Schooling, Marks in X, XII, semesters (details of Backlogs if any). The company generally verifies the information from the college authorities so don’t try to make any numbers on your own. You will definitely get caught and the implications will be humungous.
They also asked us to write an essay (less than 300 words) in 10 mins.
The interview was for around half an hour. It was more of an HR interview.
Me: May I come in sir?
Satyam HR: come in please. Take your seat. Tell me something about yourself?
Me: Answered it confidently.
CareerInfoline Word of Advice: Please prepare for this question well. This is generally an ice-breaker question and here you get a chance to take the interview in whatever direction you want to take. E.G. if you have interest in sports put more emphasis on sports. If you have interest in studies talk more about the projects you have done.

While I was busy answering the about yourself question, the HR was going through my essay. He read it completely and started asking questions from that. I tried to frame an answer to his questions, though he was not satisfied with my first attempt so I tried to convince him by giving an example. I feel after that the person was satisfied with my response.

Satyam HR: Tell me something about your family?
Me: Answered it well.

Strangely in between my interview the HR started asking me some technical questions. The questions were really basic and I was able to answer them correctly. I was even able to elaborate some with practical examples.

Satyam HR: The next area was extra-curricular activities. The HR wanted to know more about what I have done in these activities.
Me: I was expecting this question and was well prepared with my answer.

Satyam HR: Do you have any questions?
Me: Asked one question about the company.

Finally the results were out and I was among the one of the selected people.

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