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Hello friends

Here I present my experience of getting in Tech Mahindra.

At around 1 pm they started with their PPT. I can say in my case that it’s only after going through their PPT I felt that I want to be in Tech Mahindra company. I was very impressed, so I maintained my confidence.

How to crack an Interview?
Career Infoline Word of Advice: Self confidence is important for cracking an interview. Answering interview questions with confidence gives an impression to an interview about your knowledge level.

About written test I can say preparation matters but the main thing is speed and the time management…below I write for you the pattern of the written test.

It consisted of 6 sections having 100 questions in all to be attempted in 1 hr with no negative marking.

1. Verbal section—it consisted of 35 simple clues but again the speed matters. 

2. Non verbal section-it was having 20 questions simple and the main portion was formed by analogy, pattern matching.

3. Quantitative aptitude—only 15 questions of aptitude were.

4-5. These two sections had 25 questions of English—like fill in the blanks with conjunctions, synonyms, antonyms (simple one not the alien words), it was all easy for me.

6. It consisted of 2 comprehensions very-very simple its just speed which is required as you get only 4-5 min to do it .

I waited for the result and was lucky to clear it.

After passing long waiting hrs then the next day my call for the interview came. YES I was bit nervous but was trying to feel better by singing songs….(that’s my best way ever)
Then as I entered the room they welcomed me with so much warm smile that I started feeling comfortable then my technical interview went for almost 45 min…they were impressed by me.
Here is how my interview went.

As I entered the room they I saw that there were 2 persons sitting to take my technical.
I greeted my interviewers with a smile and was asked to have a seat. My resume was asked and then began the questioning part.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Dipti introduce your self to us.
Answer. I told them about my schools, my family, my nature and in last about my hobbies.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Okay after reading my resume he said that you also took part in swimming competition at district level!! Good. So can you tell me the dimensions of the pool where you participated?
Answer. (luckily I remembered the dimensions written on the pool) so I answered correctly…

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Tell us about any of your strong point in life?
Answer. I answered.

Career Infoline Word of Advice: Tell about your strong points by giving examples from practical life. It will help them understand your strength better and will also give confidence that you are not faking.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: We would also like to know about your any negative point?
Answer. I answered ….and by reading their expressions I can say they were impressed by my strong point as I justified it by giving a real example from my life.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Now Dipti we want you to solve this puzzle for us.
So they gave me a temple and flowers puzzle that I solved, as I was solving they asked me the method I am using and appreciated my approach to solve it..

 Then they gave me a cake problem which I wasn’t able to solve.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Share any moment of life with us when you thought that you are trapped but with your hard work and will you were able to come out of it..
Answer. To this I gave them the example which was also clear in my he was very impressed to know that I was a medical student with no even optional maths in my 12th and then I carried on with my in e&c and that’s with so much good percentage!!

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: If our company give the chance to you to carry with your studies further..would you like to go for it?
Answer. Yes sir sure.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So since when you are living far from your parents?
Answer. sir since 4 yrs

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So do you feel comfortable living so far from them?
Answer. Its comfortable to some extent if I have telephonic contacts with them

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Any more adjustment…out of house?
Answer. Yes sir with food.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Do you have any questions to ask?
Answer. First I asked their names then their experience in Tech Mahindra. The scope of electronics students in this sector and also whether they can efficiently take on the work load or not.
After this they said that I can go now and they wished me to have a great future with them.

Then my HR went as below
(it was of hardly 20 min)
Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So Dipti hello
Answer. Hello sir and very good afternoon

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So have you taken your lunch?
Answer. No sir

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So are you not feeling hungry?
Answer. sir yes but it happens sometimes when your work is very imp.

Reply—you are right dipti know I more often miss my lunch coz of my work!!
But are you feeling comfortable?
A.Yes sir

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: So dipti I want you to speak on the topic modus pollus for atleast 3 min.
Answer. Sir actually the topic isn’t very clear to me

Reply—so he explained to me what modus pollus is all about the he asked me to now justify it that it’s right.
I spoke for about 2 min on it then he said its okay good…

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Tell me about the company tech mahindra?
Answer. To this I told them everything that I knew about tech mahindra.

CareerInfoline Word of Advice:  This is important question in an interview. It shows your inquisitiveness for joining the company. Also it tells that you are well prepared for the interview and shows your attitude.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Why do you want to join tech mahindra?
Answer. Sir actually being in electronics trade I have the knowledge of the hardware that’s used in telecom industry but now you want to know about the software which makes this hardware work…and your company provides a good interface between the both so I want to join your company..

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: Dipti why dint you went for TCS?
Answer. Sir I dint clear it’s written test.

Tech Mahindra Interview Question: What they told you in their PPT?
Answer. Actually sir it was only for those students who were short listed for the interview.

Then he gave me a form to sign and my HR was over
After about 1 hr result was announced and I was very happy to hear my name in the list of 21 selected students and then it took me around 2-3 days to realize that yes m placed in tech m….it was just like m living in dreams before!!
So my friends the main thing that u should have in you to get in some good company is to have confidence in your capabilities…and yes time management during the written test!!

Thanks for reading my experience and whatever I have written here will be worth for me if it will help you in any way.
All the best!!

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