Thursday, December 23, 2010

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Hi friends,

We had off-campus by Satyam. This pool drive was really big that 21 colleges had participated and 3000-4000 students wrote the written exam. Only 300 of them cleared the written exam.116 of them had cleared the h.r and finally got the job. And I am the one of them. I would like to share my experiences with you, as I was very much benefited by the previous experiences of the candidates.

DAY 1: written paper:
friends there were 10 questions from reasoning and 5 from aptitude. The paper was not so tough. But it was really time consuming. So please try to scan the paper first and try to complete the aptitude questions in starting 5 minutes. Then rest of the time you complete the reasoning part.

15 questions,30 min and +1 for correct answer and -1/4 for wrong answer.
1) A question like this he gave a=0 and b=1 and asked us to find the value for the number 5
ans. convert 5 to binary...(101)
2) missing number series..damn tough....(don’t attempt, its simply waste of time)
3) from time and work....a and b can do a piece of work in 20 days. b and c can do it in 12 days. c and a can do it in 10 days. then how much time will a alone would take to do the work..(Direct from r.s.agarwal without changing the numbers)
4)from reasoning. a bit difficult
5)again reasoning. the question was very big
6)a rectangle problem from areas...
7)logical deduction
8)he gave ten statements and we have to deduce the 11 statement by using this 10 statements
9) a problem on Compound interest(direct from r.s.agarwal without even changing the numbers)
10)a passage was given a logical inference should be made.(very big. but easy one)
11)a problem on permutations....(damn easy)
12)a problem from data interpretation. It was on line graphs...very big. Not easy to deduct the solution
13) a problem from profit and loss (direct from r.s.agarwal...he didn’t even change the numbers)
even the other two were from reasoning...

Finally totally depends upon your time management. It does not depend how many questions you have answered, it depends how many questions you have answered correctly. So even if you know 5 out of 15 perfectly, then just answer 5 questions. As a matter of fact, I answered 8 of them and I was confident on 5 questions and the remaining 3 answers which I wrote were from reasoning. So I don how many were correct. But I luckily cleared written test

They gave the resume form and asked us to fill the details correctly (mandatory) even a small approximation in your percentages or malpractice in writing your backlogs wasn’t allowed. Then they gave an essay and asked us to write on it in less than 300 words. And time limit was only 10 min.

AFTERNOON: H.R ROUND :( for me it was 40 min... He asked questions from all my 3 years of ece)

me: may i comin sir
H.R Interview: comin....pls take your seat

ME: said (please prepare for this before itself properly because he will be testing your communication skills)

H.R Interview: interrupted me while I was saying my strengths. but I was able to bounce back

H.R Interview: read my essay completely and started asking questions on that
me: answered

H.R Interview: he was not satisfied by my answer
me: i convinced him with my answer by giving an example

H.R Interview: asked about family background
me: said

H.R Interview: started technical (for me this consumed around 25 min)
me: answered all the questions with practical examples

H.R Interview: he saw my extra-curricular activities and started questioning on them
me: answered very well.

H.R Interview: Do u have any questions?
Me: asked one question and he answered that and he was very impressed by my answer.

H.R Interview: anymore questions?
me: asked one more and he answered that

H.R Interview: gave a cool hand shake
me: said thank u and left the room

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