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Hi Friends

I am one of those 102 lucky people who got placement in TCS. Around 400 students appeared for the written out of which 169 could clear the online test. The online test wasn't a cakewalk this time. TCS has changed the Quantitative Section. So previous year papers(placement papers before jan,2010 ) won't work this time. But the pattern was same
The online test consisted of three parts

1.) Verbal Section: Synonyms, Antonyms, Comprehension, Fill ups. (40 question,20 min)
2.) Quantitive Aptitude (38 questions,40 min)
3) Critical Reasoning ( 3 question consisting 4 question each,30 min

Don't waste time on preparing Verbal Section. Still if you want, you can read High Frequency Words from GRE Barren's 12th edition. 

Quantitive section can be prepared from R.S.Aggarwal. The students preparing for CAT can easily crack this section. Time management during the test is very crucial in this section. I could attempt 36 out of 38 questions due to lack of time. Questions are okay but the time required to solve them is more as compared to questions in the previous year papers. So be careful

Critical Reasoning section consisted of 3 questions. Out of these 3 I got 2 from the Barren's 12th edition. So this can be prepared easily from GRE Barren's 12th edition. Go for the questions from 5 model test papers.

Result of written test was declared around 7:30 pm.  Luckily my name was in the list.  
On 10th Feb Recruitment team arrived around 1:00 pm. TCS officials gave presentation of 1 hr. Lots of information regarding TCS was provided during PPT. Note down the important points during the PPT.

Technical Round:
After waiting for more than 7 hrs my name was announced for technical interview. I was asked to move in the cabin where interviewer was sitting.

Me: May I come in sir.
TCS Technical Interviewer: Yeah Virender come in. (He got my name from the Resume in his hands. He was busy in reading that)
Me: Thank you sir

TCS Technical Interview Question: So, Virender are you from Computer Science or Information Technology.
Me: Sir, I am from Information Technology.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok, but you have written Computer Science in your Resume and here in form you have filled Information Technology.
(I was shocked to hear that. I lost the hope for the next round when he told me that. Because I knew this mistake wasn't tolerable at all. Actually I have prepared my Resume early in the morning and that too from my friend's Resume who was in Computer Science .Unfortunately I couldn't catch that mistake. )
Me: Oh Sir that’s a blunder.

CareerInfoline Word of Advice: Resume gives your first impression to the interviewer. It tells few things about the candidates upfront. Making mistakes like the above one should be avoided, but at the same time denying a mistake already done can be a bigger blunder.

TCS Technical Interviewer: It's Ok. I can understand. Have a seat.
Me: Thank you Sir.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Tell me about your favorite subjects.
Me: Sir Its Object Oriented Programming.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Fine, Do you know anything about Function Overloading?
Me: Sir, Function Overloading is basically used to have different functions with same names. The functions body may be different but name is same.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Then how they are distinguished?
Me: Sir, The overloaded functions have different signatures. There are 3 types of overloaded function. First one is by Types of Parameters, Second is depending upon No. of Parameters, Third is on order of parameters.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Can u explain the third one?
Me: Yes Sir (I gave him an example on paper lying on the table. He seemed to be impressed).

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok, Can you tell me what Function Overriding is?
Me: It is the method of redefining a function in the child class.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Can you access the overridden parent class function?
(I was trying to recall. Just then he gave me a hint)

TCS Technical Interview Question: Have you ever heard about Virtual Functions?
Me: Yeah sir that is used in function overriding in order to access the base class functions. We make the base class function virtual and access it by the base class pointer.
(He was smiling. That was enough to boost up my confidence)

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok , so you must have heard about virtual tables too.
Me: No sir.
(I knew the answer this time too. But I was not sure so I said NO. Don't try to show them that you know everything.)

CareerInfoline Word of Advice: Don’t try to answer something which you are not sure It’s better to tell truth rather than bluffing.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Can you write a program to reverse a string or concatenate a string with recursion?
Me: I can write both sir!

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok , Then write whichever you like.
(I wrote the reversing a string program. Meanwhile he was busy with his mobile phone.)   

TCS Technical Interview Question: Good. What about Operating System?
Me: Yah sir you can ask questions.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok leave it. Tell me your second favorite subject.
Me: Sir you can continue with Operating System.
(Fortunately this was the second subject which i have prepared for technical interview. Luck was with me this time)

TCS Technical Interview Question: What are Deadlocks?
Me: I explained.

TCS Technical Interview Question: How can you stop them?
Me: These can be stopped in two ways. First is deadlock prevention and second is deadlock recovery.
(I explained both the methods. This was the longest answer from my side)

TCS Technical Interview Question: Your training project was in C++.
(He was reading the Resume. Also he was filling something on a form which he attached on my resume. My heart was beating like a generator at that time. I was worried about the mistake in resume)
Me: Yes sir, it was Banking System.

TCS Technical Interview Question: Ok Virender. You can leave now.
Me: How was it Sir?
(I asked this stupid question because I was worried due to mistake I have made in my resume.)

TCS Technical Interview Question: It was fine, wait outside for MR.
Me: Ok sir. Thank You Very Much.

MR Round
Me: May I come in sir.
TCS MR Interview Question
: Yes come in. Have a seat.
Me: Thank You Sir.

TCS MR Interview Question: Tell me about yourself.
Me: I told everything.

TCS MR Interview Question: You have done projects in C# and C++ (Resume was in hands).
Me: Yes sir.

TCS MR Interview Question: Explain Job Portal project you have made in C#.
Me: (I explained each and every module that took some time. One of my teachers has told me to do so. He has told me to spend most of the time telling about my project so that they don't have much time to ask you questions from anywhere else. I think the idea worked.)
Then there were some more questions regarding my project. I explained him everything.

TCS MR Interview Question: Okay you have used SQL Server as back end in your project.
Me: Yes sir.

TCS MR Interview Question: What is SQL?
Me: I explained.

TCS MR Interview Question: What is difference between SQL and PL?
Me: I told.

TCS MR Interview Question: Have you studied DBMS?
Me: Yes sir. But it was in 4th semester. I haven't gone through it for a long time. (Actually don't remember in which semester it was but still i said 4th semester confidently.)

TCS MR Interview Question: Ok, leave it. Tell me about Object Oriented Programming.
(I think he asked about OOP after reading something in form attached with resume. Don't know what)
Me: I explained.

 TCS MR Interview Question: What are your goals?
Me: Sir my short term goal is to get this job right here right now.

TCS MR Interview Question: Bs (in HINDI)?
Me: Sir this is my short term goal. I prefer to do the job currently in my hands in the best way.

TCS MR Interview Question: And long term goals?
Me: I want to see myself on other side of table within 3 or 4 years. (I mean to say at his place. He smiled over this.)

TCS MR Interview Question: Tell me about your family.
Me: I told.

TCS MR Interview Question: Okay Virender, wait outside for HR.
Me: Thank You sir.
(In my case this round was a mix up of Technical and HR. No situational questions were asked in this round from me)

HR Round:

The head of Recruitment Team was there for my HR. So i was worried a bit.

Me: May i come in mam.
TCS HR Interview Question
: Yes come in. Sorry Virender i made you to wait so long.
Me: Its ok mam.

TCS HR Interview Question: How was the day?
Me: It was fine. Most important day of my life.

TCS HR Interview Question: So Virender market yourself.
Me: I explained everything about me.

TCS HR Interview Question: Why TCS?
Me: Mam its the best company that visits our campus and moreover i have heard a lot about the working environment provided by the TCS and today i am able to feel that from TCS team. I haven't seen such friendly people so far.

TCS HR Interview Question: Describe yourself in one word.
Me: Hardworker.

TCS HR Interview Question: what are your Strengths?
Me: Mam I easily get mixed-up with people. Due to this habit I have a lot of friends.

TCS HR Interview Question: Weakness?
Me: Again I easily get mixed-up with people.

TCS HR Interview Question: Can u explain.
Me: Yes mam due to this habit I get fake friends sometimes. blah blah….

TCS HR Interview Question
: If i offer job at Chennai?
Me: I'll go.

TCS HR Interview Question: Are you aware about package?
Me: Yes mam.

TCS HR Interview Question: and about 2 year bond?
Me: I know mam.

TCS HR Interview Question: Any questions Virender?
Me: Mam, Should I party tonight?

TCS HR Interview Question: Patience pays. Result will be announced tomorrow. You can leave for the day.
Me: Thank You mam.

Next day after long hours of waiting the result was announced at 4:00 pm. My name was the last name in the list (I hate these alphabetically ordered lists) . Finally I have made it. This is going to be my first step in the professional world. Thanks to god.
Have faith in yourself and Hit the doors of your luck even harder - Success will be yours.

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