Saturday, December 24, 2011

Internship program for Software projects

The objective of summer internship is to expose students to the professional environment, so that they work there for sometime and learn the professional work culture.
In today’s world of globalization the products are not developed at single development center, instead there are different centers of excellence for each phase of product life cycle. For eg: a product is conceptualized at one place, designed at another, executed at another, validated at another, etc.
In the whole life cycle the most important and common factor is communication. Communication holds a key role in development of a good product.
Usually students try to get internship in a company, but due to lack of options and awareness they end up doing some courses like networking, embedded software, java,etc.

I feel it's high time that students should understand that these courses can be done anytime during their learning phase, but the internship time should be properly utilized to get the experience of professional environment. They have to be proactive and should pursue companies to get such experiences. However not all can get to that level.
Another option for this Internship experience is very well addressed by CareerInfoline, it not only solves the problem of getting an experience of professional environment but also gives a good understanding of a software development life cycle by helping students interact with industry people and execute a project under their guidance.
CareerInfoline Internship helps students to develop products in this industrial simulated environment with the help of their industrial mentors.
Their mentors take students through all the phases of a software development life cycle giving them a professional flavor of software development as part of internship.
In the whole process students interact with different industry people and not only learn the professional culture and technology, but also hone their communication skills as they interact with different groups working from different locations to complete the project.
The project development phase for one such project has been mentioned below.

Project Phase:
  1. Initial brainstorming for project requirements and presentation. (7 days)
  2. Work flow design of the project. (12 days)
  3. Implementation. (20 days)
  4. Extensive Tool Testing. (5 days)
  5. Bug fixes (12 days)
  6. Final Presentation, Delivery. Learning’s and future scope of improvements. (4 days) 
Last year TIP was successful in placing 18 out of 20 of it's students in Software companies in India. List
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