Sunday, October 17, 2010

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I would like to thanks for initiating this experience sharing platform with campus students.

Infosys campus drive has two stages. 
1. Written test
2. Interview

 Written test is the part where maximum amount of screening is done. It consists of verbal and quant sections and any person with average aptitude skills can easily make it through. For preparation of this section, I will recommend RS Aggarwal (Verbal and non-verbal)

 My interview was good but long. Being confident is the key in your interview and many of you might have heard this saying on various sites "For selection in Infosys, one just needs to talk efficiently"

My profile

xth - 85 from st. thomas haryana
xii - 85 from GIS, New Delhi 68% , GGSIPU, Delhi

I was quite tensed before my interview and the fact that my technical side was way off the mark was making me sweat like a pig.  
Well I entered the interview room and my interviewer was an old lady. (It’s always easy to fool old women). Ill refer to her as A here.

Infosys Interview question: What will you say if you don’t get selected?
Myself: I just smiled and said, "Better luck next time". (It was my 1st question and I was shocked to hear it but I stayed calm and answered it with a smile, oozing all my confidence in it.) From here on, the interview was just like a normal chat. 

Infosys Interview question: Tell me about your family background.
Myself: Told.

Infosys Interview question: Your father is a doctor, then why did you choose engineering?
Myself: Told her about my interest in mathematics and computers. moreover I was least interested in medical because it sounded too obvious and boring to me as since childhood I had been surrounded by people from medical backgrounds.(from my relatives to fathers friends). So I wanted to go out from the comfort zone, pursue my interests and be the first engineer in my family. And also told her that I am thankful to my parents for allowing me to pursue what I wanted. (Not the best and truthful answer but what I could think of at the time.)

Infosys Interview question: Whom do you consider your idol?
Myself: My father, and explained it in the best way I could.

Infosys Interview question: Why did you shift to Delhi after 10?
Myself: I belong to a very small town and we don’t have any facility for engineering coaching there.(An utter lie). So thinking of future prospects and the quota Delhi students get in Delhi based institutions, I shifted to Delhi.

Infosys Interview question: Do you stay in a hostel in Delhi?
Myself: No, I have rented a flat and stay with two of my friends.

Infosys Interview question: How do you manage all the stuff being far away from home?
Myself. Told her that its tough to manage but to achieve god education one has to take pains. Told her everything about how tough it is to manage away from home and all the difficulties I have faced. I ended my response by saying about how this experience has made me a better man. (I could definitely sense the caring part of her taking control now)

Infosys Interview question: Asked about my hobbies.
Myself: Quizzing and reading books.
(A lot of questions were asked related to these like favorite novel, last read, a bit of quizzing in detail etc. Just be thoroughly prepared about your hobbies)

Infosys Interview question: Why is your graduation percentage low?
Myself: I have been hyper active in my extra- curricular activities during my college years. Thus I have been lacking n the numbers front.

Infosys Interview question: What sort of activities?
Myself: Told her everything about me organizing various fests in college, holding the position of gen. Secretary and treasurer in my college's student council, being the president of various clubs in my college and about the numerous certificates I have collected from various inter college  festivals all across NCR.(She was quite impressed with my answer and could sense the tide turning towards my side. She took a note of all my activities year by year.)

Infosys Interview question: (Smiling) You seem to be a wandering soul. School in Haryana, college in Delhi, training from Allahabad and Bangalore.
Myself: Told her that all were in my best interests, and I had never allowed distances to hold me back from pursuing my interests. Told her about the companies I had training in Allahabad and Bangalore and the benefits of going there.

Infosys Interview question: Tell me the most successful event you had managed and how?
Myself: told her about one of my college's fest and how it was a great event. 
(Was further inquired about my college's fests)

Career Infoline Word of Advice:  Be ready to show your willingness and flexibility to any opportunity thrown towards you. Be proactive and grab the opportunity with both hands.

Infosys Interview question: It’s ok Raghav. Do you have any questions?
Myself: Asked her about my post if I got selected and all about Mysore campus.

And it was over.....the results were out and I was selected. 
All in all it was a nice experience.

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