Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Job Interview Advice: Why You Need a Career Coach

Career coaching is sometimes thought of as a counseling session for "what do you want to be when you grow up?"  That has its place, for sure, but career counseling is not career coaching.  Career coaching works a lot like athletic coaching—it's an experienced trainer standing behind you, helping you get past your weak spots and improving your game so that you can win—in this case, that means getting the job offer you want.
Job seekers can get help with overcoming the hurdles they face, like:
  • transitioning from one company to another
  • transitioning from one industry to another
  • a lack of experience in the job search
  • being intimidated by the job search
  • understanding and skillfully using social media networks like LinkedIn
  • lack of confidence
  • being discouraged
A good career coach can help you with all those issues and more.  She can provide an insider perspective that job seekers just can't have.  A good career coach is in your corner.
When you're looking for a career coach, find one who gives you a strong idea of how much time it will take and offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  A quality coach should be able to pinpoint your issues and give you solid guidance within an hour to an hour and a half, often spread out over 2-3 sessions.
The fee for a career coach can seem expensive when you're staring it in the face.  However, the cost is a tiny fraction of what you'll earn in the first year of the new job she will help you get.  You've got to weigh that against the benefits you'll get.  A career coach can help you:
  • Get the expertise to help you get the job you deserve
  • Be the best you've ever been in your job search
  • Be the best you've ever been in your interview
  • Receive compliments you've never gotten about your skill sets
  • Overcome difficult situations by packaging the wording to show it as a positive
  • Sell yourself in the interview
A career coach is the inside track you've always wished for in your job hunt.  It's an investment in yourself that will pay big dividends for you in your job search, your interview, and your career.



dinesh said...

i have done my bachleros in engg(mechanical), and i want to pursue my career in IT sector. i would request you to plz tell me , what should be my answer when the interviewer asks me why i want to do so?

Careerinfoline said...

Hi Dinesh,

Kindly logon to and ask your query on forum where all industry mentors are present and can answer your query more appropriately. This blog space is only for information sharing by experts.
I am sure your query will be answered soon.