Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tips for Controlling Your Speed in Public Speaking

Nothing is more frustrating than listening to a public speaker deliver a speech or presentation at 100 mph. A few minutes at this speed is one thing; however, 50 minutes or more at this pace can easily lose your listeners. Talking too fast is tiring for both you, the speaker, and your audience.
2 other factors that you should take into account are:
  1. the faster you talk, the more likely you are to trip over your words; and,
  2. if you have an accent, you are twice as likely not to be understood because of both your speed and your lack of clear diction or articulation.
One of the best ways to regulate your speed is to take a course in voice training because in discovering your true voice, you will have to slow down. (I am not talking about speaking slowly – you can do 80 mph and still be understood!) The breathing that you will learn will give you total control over your voice as well as your speed. Admittedly, if I have 5 minutes to talk about my business, I will speak a bit faster than if I have 20 minutes.
If you are not interested in improving the sound of your speaking voice but want a means of slowing down, I suggest that you get an audio book as well as the book in written form and practice reading out loud in time with the professional reader. This is a wonderful exercise that can make quite a difference. You will think that you are speaking too slowly. If you record yourself, however, you will discover that your slower speed is definitely not too slow and that you sound ‘normal.'
Often those who speak too fast are unable to hear it unless they are recorded. Your inner ear is comfortable with your quick pace. Listen to yourself on a recording, however, and your outer ear will recognize that you are too fast. [Your inner ear is how you hear yourself; your outer ear is how you hear your voice on your voicemail, for instance. Incidentally, your voice on recording equipment is how everyone else recognizes you.]
You may think that your speed in talking is not important but in today's hectic business world, in which people want an answer immediately, they do not want to have to ask to slow down or to repeat yourself because they cannot keep up with you.
Take control of your speed and let the rest of the world understand you the 1st time you say it

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