Thursday, June 20, 2013

Unique Interview Questions

The reason why the recruiters are into asking unique questions is to see the capability of the candidate on how well he or she can handle their work successfully and effectively and also to see how well they can handle a crisis situation.

Here are some of the unique interview questions which the recruiters ask during the recruitment process:

1. Which is your favorite food?

This question is asked by the recruiters just know your self confidence and to know how well you understand yourself.

2. Can you mention the name of the last book you read?

It can be asked to know whether you have the habit of reading books because many recruiters likes to hire candidates who read books as they would have gained more knowledge from that.

3. What are your interests apart from your profession?

Knowing a person’s interest can be helpful for the company because they can utilize it in a better way whenever need.

4. If you are given 2 chocolates and you have five people to share it with, how will you divide it equally?

This question can be asked to know the creativity in you.

5. If you are the author of a book and you are supposed to give it a unique title, what would you give?

A good answer for this question tricky question can be helpful for the company because in a company they assign projects to every employee to handle and you must be creative enough to succeed in that project and get credits for the company.

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