Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to find a job in the time of recession

This is the first article in the series of articles written with the intention to give people answer on how to find a job in the time of recession question. In this article we will concentrate to resume writing, or to be more specific, what mistakes you should avoid when writing your resume.
In the time of the recession for every job opening there is hundreds, if not thousands application and resumes send. So if you think that HR officer or HR department will closely read every single one of them you are totally wrong. To improve your chances to make your resume stands out and find a job you should avoid:

1. Wrong contact info: Believe it or not there are numerous resumes with missing or wrong contact info. Before submitting revise and check that your name, address, phone and email are correct. And please avoid email addresses like or
Those kinds of emails only prove to HR officer that you are not serious candidate. Use emails in format:

2. Resume without a focus: employers only scan your resume for about 20-30 sec, and they want to immediately see what you are good at and if your skills match their job requirements. When writing a resume it is best to use same keywords that employer used in job description. So if job description asked for "article writer with experience in sport coverage" use that same formulation when writing your resume. Of course that only applies if you got that experience.  

3. Resume focused on your needs and not the job seeker needs: Very simple, don't write things like: "I'm applying for this job because I'm unemployed", or "I seek higher paying job", or similar. How can you find the job if you only speaking about what you need? Use formulations like: "I'm applying for this job because with my current knowledge I can contribute to success of your business" or something like that. Believe me, you will have much better chances to get that job.

4. Not using bulleted style: much easier for employer to read and preferred by every HR professional.

5. Resume templates from Microsoft Word: Employers have seen thousands and templates don't stand out. Most of them have strange formatting. Be unique. You should prove that you're the best man for the job and it's hard if your resume looks like everybody else.

6. Lies: Please don't lie! It's very easy to find that out and how to find a job if you are labeled as a liar? HR people know each other and there is great chance that you will be checked out. So, don't lie about having references if you don't, about reasons you left your previous employment etc. If they label you as a liar not only you'll lost any chance to get the job you're applying to, but most likely you will lose any chance to find a job in that company or in any other company if the HR officers knows each other.

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