Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pursuing a Dream

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Any preparation for CAT is a waste if you are not confident enough to face the challenge. So, the first and foremost thing is to be well prepared, especially in your weak areas. Nothing can ever replace practice. So, take every Mock CAT as if it is the real CAT and the real CAT like a Mock CAT. Thoroughly analyze your Mock CAT so as to identify your mistakes and weak areas and progressively work towards improving them. Bring focus in your preparation.

In order to be mentally prepared for the exam, be ambitious and never ever think that cracking CAT is not possible for you. You just have to believe in yourself and your ambition should be to get admission in the best institute. It is extremely essential that you remain calm and focused during the exam time. Every single minute, or should I say every single second, counts. Forget about the world and believe that you will make your destiny on the exam day. If you think you are not motivated enough to work hard for this, then try to fascinate yourself by the life at a B-school. That will help you bring that motivation from within you to work for the goal.

Don’t fear sounding stupid if you don’t understand something. Don’t keep your any doubts unanswered. Discuss your doubts with your friends and teachers. There should not be single doubt in your mind on the exam day. That will help you communicate and be confident and this is what u all need for the exam. Only a confident mind can be cool and being composed during the exam time is a virtue for all.

Life @ IIM or for that matter at a premier B-school in India is one a must-have experience if someone has not been to IIT in his life. For IITians, IIM is better . You get to interact with so many brilliant individuals. So much to learn and so must to develop yourself that you would have thought that college life should have been for an eternal lifetime.

In the end, don’t ever feel disheartened by your failure. Everyone has a potential to excel in life under any circumstances and at any place. In life what matters if working to for the goals which you always wanted to achieve. Strive hard and you the wonders and laurels your hard work can bring to you.

Gaurav Goel
IIM – Lucknow

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