Saturday, May 15, 2010

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Hi Friends,
First of all thanks to CareerInfoline for providing me this wonderful opportunity to share my experience with all the fellow engineers. 
The process started with a written round that was completely non-technical. It contained verbal and quantitative questions. There were three sections: Aptitude, English and Logical Reasoning. One complete section was from GRE Barrons book. The written test had no sectional cut off and negative marking which made it comfortably easy.
 I was shortlisted for interview. There were three rounds of interviews before final selection was made: Technical, Managerial and HR. One should not be too scared of the technical questions. The panel just looks for conceptual understanding in your core subjects. Also note that you must have good hold on the projects and trainings during college.

My Experience:

TCS Interview Panel: Introduce yourself!
Myself: I expected this question and had prepared well with guidance from CareerInfoline team. This is the time when you can actually take control of the entire process and direct your interview towards your strong areas.
While I was answering the interviewer browsed through my resume.
TCS Interview Panel: What is your favorite subject?
Myself: I said as such I don’t like one particular subject and told him about a few subjects in which I focus my energy.
Then he started asking some basic questions from subjects I mentioned. 
TCS Interview Panel: What are protocols and IP addresses?
Myself: Easy. Answered to his satisfaction J
TCS Interview Panel: What is a signal?
Myself: Anything which carries useful electrical information.
TCS Interview Panel: What is 8051 and how is it different from 8085?
Myself: 8051 is a microcontroller and 8085 is a microprocessor. The primary difference between the two is of memory.
TCS Interview Panel: Tell me about your project.
Myself: Answered it in the best possible way. I was well prepared for this question.
TCS Interview Panel: So you did your training from Nokia Siemens. What did you learn from there?
Myself: I had already prepared well for this part as CIL team shared with us that it will most probably be asked during the interview.
TCS Interview Panel: How are your programming skills in C language?
Myself: Just told them frankly that I know it at a very basic level and is trying to work on it. I added that I have took up a project in C which would further my understanding of the language. 
TCS Interview Panel: Biggest challenge you faced so far in college?
Myself: Told them about an extra curricular activity during which I led a team and how tough it was to manage people.
Career Infoline Word of Advice: For such type of questions, please make sure that you just don’t cook up something on the spot because that reflect in your response as well as in confidence level. So take your time and think about it. Don’t ponder whether they would think its great or not. It should be something which you are proud of.

Later I got call for HR round.
The interviewer asked some questions about the things I wrote in my resume.
TCS Interview Panel: Who is there in your family?
Myself: Answered it well.
TCS Interview Panel: Are you comfortable with us making you work anywhere in India or abroad?
Myself: I said YES without any thought.
Career Infoline Word of Advice: Please be sure to know your resume well. Almost 60% of my all rounds of interviews were based on my resume. They will know it if you are trying to bluff or fake experience.
The results were announced on the next day. Yaa-aay, I had made into TCS.

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