Sunday, June 27, 2010

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Question answer session in the Technical Round
TCS Interviewer: Which is your favorite language?
Myself: C++
TCS Interviewer: He asked me about basic concepts of C++ like this pointer, function overloading. He asked me to write a program to add two numbers in C++ using classes and also gave me a program to correct it.
Myself: I gave brief description of all that he asked....
TCS Interviewer: Any other language that you have done? 
Myself: JAVA

TCS Interviewer: Tell me something about abstract classes?
TCS Interviewer: Any other theoretical subject of interest?
Myself: Automata.
He had a smile on his face then I also smiled..... And he didn't ask anything from theory of automation.... and also didn't give me any further chance to tell him about my favorites......
TCS Interviewer: Have you studied Operating System?
Myself: Yes sir.
TCS Interviewer: Tell something about deadlock?
TCS Interviewer: How can we prevent deadlock?
TCS Interviewer: Have you read Data Structures?
Myself: Yes Sir.
TCS Interviewer: He asked me about Insertion sort, selection sort, bubble sort (basic differences among the functionality of the three sorts and not the exact algorithms)
Also asked me about doubly link list........
He was quiet satisfied and happy with all the answers so he didn't ask any questions about theoretical subjects............
Then he moved into my project that was based on JSP.....
He asked me about its backend and connectivity........ And was quiet satisfied with my response.
Career Infoline Word of Advice: Always prepare your projects well because your understanding of project will directly reflect your involvement in a team activity and your contribution towards its success.
He shook hand with me
After the technical round I got the call for MR after about an hour.....
Question Answer Session in Management Round
TCS Interviewer: Introduce Yourself
TCS Interviewer: He asked me about my strengths as per mentioned in my CV and also asked me to exemplify them..... So always see to it that you don't write even a single word in your CV purposelessly.........
Career Infoline Word of Advice: Be genuine in writing about yourself and your strengths and weakness. Also make sure you give an example from your life experience to support it. Listing your weakness should not actually reflect your negative part; you should conclude it in a way that soon it comes in your strengths list.
TCS Interviewer: What do you do to keep yourself ahead of your counterparts?
TCS Interviewer: He asked me about the latest scores of India Vs South Africa Match (as I said that I watch cricket and also because he was a die heart fan of Sachin Tendulkar)...
TCS Interviewer: He asked me few questions about computer networks.
TCS Interviewer: He gave me a situation as follows-
     " You have to deliver a product to the customer by 30 of this month and on 15 of the same month you come to know that product can not be delivered to the customer by any means at the promised time ( not even if staff works for 24*7 hours). What would you do?  What would you tell the customer and when? What would you say to your superiors? What actions would you take? "
Myself: Honesty towards customer is foremost for a company's reputation so never say that you will try to make fool of him.....
       Always answer such questions in a confident and positive manner.... Be true to the customer and tell him about the actual situation..... Also don't hide anything from your superiors and let them be informed about careless attitude of your project members........ Any further action will depend upon the response from the customer ...... if he is ready to postpone the date then it's ok and now you can get back to your work in a more accurate and timely manner............
He was quiet happy with the answers........ And told me to wait outside......
Career Infoline Word of Advice: This type of questions also tell about yourself, if you try to deceive the customer that means you are manipulative and might not be transparent in office work also. So be loyal and honest.
After about 25 minutes I got the call for my HR
Questions Answer Session in HR
TCS Interviewer: Why should I take you in TCS?
Myself: I mentioned certain qualities that are in me and are required to be in TCS....
TCS Interviewer: Who inspired you to become an Engineer?
TCS Interviewer: Introduce yourself in brief.
TCS Interviewer: There's a bond of 2 years ....... you're ok with it?
TCS Interviewer: You'll be sent to any part of the country for work...... will you be ok with that?
TCS Interviewer: Have you discussed about your job with your family?
Just say yes in response to all such questions......
Positive vibes were there all around and the result was also positive........ I got selected and joy all around.......
SO dear friends just be cool and confident........... They always look for a sense of confidence in you no matter whether you are answering them all the questions correctly or not........ but always make it sure that you know at least few technical subjects in depth so that you can easily get through the Technical round........ And also don't forget to take an overview of your project........

                                                         ALL THE BEST

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