Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Hi Friends,
I would like to thanks for initiating this experience sharing platform with campus students.
The recruitment process started with a written test. The test was 1 hour long. It comprised of two sections-30 mins for aptitude and 30 mins for technical.
Aptitude: Aptitude was easy. It was a mix of logical ability, analytical reasoning and basic questions of time-speed-distance. RS Aggarwal book would suffice for it. Otherwise even without doing this book a person with good IQ level can easily crack the written.
Technical: I found the technical section a bit tough. Actually if a person is thorough in most of the subjects of BTech then he or she would be able to ace it. But here thorough doesn’t mean you need to have the knowledge of subjects upto GATE level rater just the basics of all subjects are needed.
Questions were from various subjects such as:
o       Analog and Digital communication
o       Field & Waves
o       Antenna and Wave Propagation
o       Computer Networks
o       Linear Integrated Circuits
o       Basic semiconductor
You just need to know basic concepts, No expertise required!

After 4 hours they declared the results of written test. I was among the shortlisted candidates J Now, the next hurdle for me was the interview. They told us during their presentation that technical round and HR round would be combined.

Now came my turn for interview. I was a bit nervous because it was my first interview. As soon as I entered the room I saw two guys sitting in the room and they were scanning my resume.
Some of the Questions asked during the interview were:
o       Are you from Karnal or Sirsa? Your 10th and 12th is from Sirsa but your address shows Karnal as your residential place?
o       You did your training from BEL. What did you learn there?
o       Which is your favorite subject?
o       Some questions from Analog and Digital Communication as I mentioned it as my favorite subject.
o       Questions about GSM ARCHITECTURE?
o       Difference between GSM and CDMA?
o       Why hexagon geometry is used in defining cells in GSM ?
o       They asked me will you be comfortable in field job, night shift, working in rural areas?

Finally results were announced. With the blessings of god, my parents and my friends I got selected.....!!!!!!!!

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