Sunday, August 8, 2010

For the MBA / IIM aspirants

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To set up a little credentials so that U all do read, and if read do try to think on whatever I say:
My Education details:
Schooling - Don Bosco School
Graduate - BBS from S.S College of Business Studies, Delhi University (rated No. 1 in Asia)
Post Graduation - MBA from IIM Indore (In my very first attempt)

I know, I know... U must be getting this gyan from many in the market, given the fact that they want to make the most (read: money) from the fact that u wish to make a corporate carrier.
However, I will not be earning much (may be I earn a little from the Ads -if any), and probably u can well presume that I am not here for money.

Hope that adds some credentials to whatever I say:

Firstly, guys do not make the mistake of thinking that IIM is a key to the RBI safe vault. It is sure a ladder to success but not to gold. Think of your future career in terms of your desire rather than just pay package (though I wont disagree that the major motivating factor for me was the pay package EXPECTED). Its only few (read 5% people out of all the top B school students) get a handsome salary which is hyped in such a way that it seems that this is the minimum one can expect (All thanks to our MEDIA).
If you really wish to go for an MBA, then do make sure to be true to yourself and work hard towards it. It is no ways a cake walk but not even impossible. Most of us get bogged down by the fact that there are around 2,25,000 students appearing for CAT. But, if we apply some analytical skills to this numbers we see:
Around 1,80,000 appear for the entrance
Out of this, only 30% of the people are the one who have worked hard for CAT.
That leaves to 54,000 only. Out of this 54000, its only around 50% people who have the skill set to crack CAT. That then leaves me with only 27000 aspirants.
Approx 2700 seats in IIMs for 27000 aspirants - that is whooping 10% success rate. I think that a very decent success rate in today's market.
So DON'T DON'T go just by the numbers of aspirants. Go by the actual number of competitors u have for the IIMs seat.
Once, u have that self confidence and determination, be sure 50% of the work is done.
Attribute 30% to your skill sets and 20% to luck (yes, yes, yes... LUCK plays a decent role... I feel myself, that I was indeed one of the lucky ones in the year 2006).

Will write more into it as time permits from my job.... ;)

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