Monday, August 23, 2010

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Infosys Interviewer:  Where are you from?
Myself: Sir, I am from Yamuna Nagar. It has the biggest sugar mill in Asia.

Infosys Interviewer:  How far is your place from your college and how do you come to your college daily?
Myself: It is about 45minutes from my place and I come by the college bus daily.

Infosys Interviewer:  How did you get admission in this college? What was the procedure?
Myself: Sir, after completing my secondary education, i.e. my 12th class, I gave an entrance exam, i.e. AIEEE exam n I was ranked 50,000 all over India.
Infosys Interviewer immediately looked at me and said which very low rank is.
I smiled and in no time I replied “Which is very low rank to opt for very high/good colleges”
Infosys Interviewer smiled with a blush on his face and said “nice answer”.

Infosys Interviewer:  Where did you have your training from? What did you do there?
Myself: Sir, I had my six weeks training from an Alpha-IT institute, Chandigarh which is a company cum an institute. I had my training in java core and have worked on a project, i.e. Pro-Recruiter.

Infosys Interviewer:  How did you like that institute?
Myself: Sir, all institutes are good and so was this one. Faculty was great here. I had got Mr. Venugopal sir as my mentor. He is a good teacher, guide and a very nice person. He made me understand each and every thing with ease and without too much fuss.

Infosys Interviewer:  What would you prefer your juniors to do—go with the same institute for their training or go for any other better institute?
Myself: Sir, so far I have known this is the best institute for core java. Here, the faculty is very cooperative and the infrastructure of this institute is also good. So, I would suggest my juniors to go for this institute only for core java training.

Infosys Interviewer:  Are you a hostler or a day scholar?
Myself: Sir, as I have already told you that I am from Yamuna Nagar and which is about 45minutes from here and I come by the college bus, so I am a day scholar.

Infosys Interviewer:  Ok. Did you stay at a boy’s hostel or in a PG in Chandigarh?
Myself: Sir, I stayed in a pg in Chandigarh as boys hostel are not available for just six weeks.

Infosys Interviewer:  What would you advice your juniors—to opt for a hostel or a flat/room? And why?
Myself: Sir, I would like my juniors to go for a college hostel rather than a pg due to the following reasons:
1. In the hostel, we are under a check of a hostel warden who can report to our parents if he thinks we are going in the wrong directions.
2. We get a proper studying environment in the hostel. As, in the exam days or in the PL’s [Preparatory Leave] everybody is studying with their hearts to score well and get good passing marks. So, a spirit develops among the hostlers that they have to study n study well. And moreover, they can take help from anybody in the hostel, whether from the students of their class or from their seniors as well.

Infosys Interviewer:  What you want do in your life? What you want become?
Myself: Sir, I want become a successful computer engineer. I want to take computers to a new height. I am very much interested in the computer technology.
Sir, I have given seminars on Microsoft surface and surface computing. I want to do something with these computers so that they just don’t look amazing and exciting but feel also the same.

Infosys Interviewer:  Don’t you think you are saying something big? I mean, are you not being overambitious? Or thinking too much?
Myself: Absolutely not Sir. I am just telling you what I think and feel. Moreover, every real thing was once a thinking of one man or the other. If Sir Newton wouldn’t have thought how the apple fell from the tree, he wouldn’t have found the concept of gravity!! 
Thinking knows no limits, no boundaries, no money, nothing. It’s all up to us as to which level and in which way we think and then respond.

Career Infoline Word of Advice: The interviewer sees that you may become dissatisfied and may leave the job after some time. Be careful. Don’t treat this as a negative thing. Instead treat this as an opportunity to show interviewer a brighter side to this.

Infosys Interviewer:  You have mentioned in your CV in your hobbies that you love to play cricket, whereas you have got a volleyball certificate and that 2 at the state level?? How is it so??
Myself: Sir, basically, I am a sportsperson. I love to play cricket, football, volleyball and badminton.
Sir, in our school cricket was not given much importance as we had volleyball in our syllabus and a well maintained volleyball court in our school. My physical education sir, Mr. Bharat Chopra insisted me to start playing volleyball as he was impressed by my physique and height and asked me to become a blocker in the game of volleyball.
I appreciated him and started playing volleyball in our sports period and kept on improving my game. When I was in 12th standard, a volleyball tournament was held and my teacher asked me that would I like to participate in that tournament? And well sir, who would like to miss these types of opportunities? I immediately said yes and he put my name in the playing six members of our team. This is how I got in to the game of volleyball and hence became a good volleyball player, too.

Infosys Interviewer:  So, basically you are an outdoor person, right? Then how would you be able to cop up with us? You would have to stay inside most of your time on your pc with your project?
Myself: Sir, I like to play games, but I love my work even more. I have passion for computers so how can I get bored with it!! I would definitely enjoy my work.

Career Infoline Word of Advice: This is a very tricky question. Basically the question is intended to ask you, why should the interviewer hire you. The best answer would be to frame the answer that captures all the needs of the employer. This is important because the interviewer has to answer this question in his mind before he hires you.

Infosys Interviewer:  Keshav, tell me one thing, you said that in Yamuna Nagar you have a sugar mill. Right? So, there also must be a job for a computer engineer, why you not going over there?
Myself: Sir, as I have already told you that I would love to do very much with these computers and their technologies. And moreover, in sugar mill, my work will be to maintain the database of the employees and executives. I won’t be able to work on the computers. I won’t be able to go in the technicality of my trade. So, I need to work in a company where I would be able to enhance my skills and be more innovative.

Infosys Interviewer:  Thank you Keshav. Would you like to ask anything from me?
Myself: Though I wanted to ask a question, but I didn’t. [I wanted to ask that on what live projects would I be working on...]. I said “No Sir”.

Infosys Interviewer: It was very nice talking to you master Keshav... Have a nice day.
Myself: Thank you sir, it was a pleasure talking to you too.

I stood up straight, said thank you sir [again] and was about to leave, but he called me by my name and said “Keshav,[I turned towards him] ALL THE BEST” and he smiled.
I said “thank you sir” and then came out of that room.

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