Monday, June 13, 2011

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Hi friends 
I am presently doing my final year in MVSR Engg college,Hyderabad. I attended CTS Company. I firstly thank as this site helped me a lot to get placed :)

The CTS conducts written test and Technical interview.

Mark verification regarding written test all guys well known about pattern My suggestion is, in my written i had Venn diagram,cube,binary logic code like 1 is represented as & like this 0 is* like this,data sufficiency

The paper for was easy and a good preparation of R.S.Agarwal quant and aptitute can make you get through in aptitude part.Except cubes,i did everything. Please make sure you get 15 above in quant.

Regarding verbal .... i felt some difficulties here ., the passsage we got was a bit difficult, but a bit of concentration can make you get through in that too. A good basics of grammar is necessary for you to get through. then analytical section every one can do it without any preparation...

The results were declared in 2 hours. n for god's grace my name was called. This is how my interview went

Interview experiences:

Cognizant Interviewer: Goood afternoon.
Myself: GA sir

Cognizant Interviewer: had lunch?
Myself: yes sir (with a broad smile)

Cognizant Interviewer:  What did you have?
Myself: Chicken Biryani.

Cognizant Interviewer:  SO you killed a hen and ate?
Myself: hehe.

Cognizant Interviewer:  oh!! He killed the hen and you had the chicken...right?
Myself: yes sir!

Cognizant Interviewer:  Well, tell something about your family
Myself: told...(some questions related to my answer..told confidently)

Cognizant Interviewer:  Are you good in C? (i replied yes)

Cognizant Interviewer:  what is an array?
Myself: told

Cognizant Interviewer:  what is function overloading?
Myself: Doono sir

Cognizant Interviewer:  what is software development life cycle?
Myself: i donno sir(full stunned by d question.)

Cognizant Interviewer: are from ece right...sry sry...
Myself: Its ok sir(i dont know y i told so)

Cognizant Interviewer:  what is eddy current?
Myself: i donno sir

Cognizant Interviewer:  just try to recollect
Myself: tried n told "sry sir i cannot was 2 yrs when i read tht"

Cognizant Interviewer:  thats not thr rite answer.U studied A,B,C... 12 yrs bac but you remember...y cudnt you remember this??
Myself: told some bakwaas

Cognizant Interviewer: asked my fav subj i told mc...asked abt mc
Myself: told

Cognizant Interviewer:  why into software?
Myself: told

Cognizant Interviewer:  how can you cope up wid IT ppl?
Myself: told

Cognizant Interviewer:  you cudnt remember a question of 2 yrs can i recruit you?
Myself: gave a gud answer

Cognizant Interviewer:  any questions?
Myself: asked n he answered

Cognizant Interviewer:  thank you.

just be thorough with your technical skills and be confident in everything....even your walking style...your way of speech and all...and above all....believe in god and ll be in CTS...all d best n c you all in CTS :) bye

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