Saturday, July 2, 2011

Interview Horror: The Day I Broke Wind in My Interview and Still Got the Job

I was quite pleased to receive an invitation for an Interview as a Project Manager

, my previous experience included technical lead for some large bodies of work but this was the first time that I would take the reigns for an entire project. Needless to say, I prepared exceptionally well for the interview and I was confident that I would leave my mark.

Some tummy rumbles on the morning of the interview were of some concern, but there was no time for a pit stop. I didn't want to fall behind with my travel schedule because I was nervous enough already. Dressed like a million dollars I headed out on time, just as planned.

At the interview room, I was greeted by three well dressed company employees. The manager, a middle aged male in a business suit. The director, a middle aged female in business attire and a younger looking guy in more casual attire who was from finance. The ambience was one of formality, both the manager and director spoke and looked a little stuck-up but it was a great opportunity nevertheless and I wanted in!

Unfortunately we only managed greetings and introductions with fresh air in the room, on exerting my stomach muscles whilst in the process of sitting down I accidentally passed wind! Everyone froze momentarily as they processed the noise – I was busted. I apologized profusely and hoped that it wasn't going to be a smelly one. The younger finance guy had a little smirk on his face but the manager and the director were clearly not impressed.

To my horror the odor from my little accident was profusely offensive. One by one I watched the expressions on the faces of the interview panel change as they caught a whiff of the macabre gas. We couldn't escape – the small room was soon saturated and everyone was too polite to run out holding their breath (or gagging!).

Of the thirty minutes of interview time, I think that twenty five were a write off for everyone involved. Finally, when we got to the last question I felt like I needed to say something about our awkward interview because, lets face it, it hadn't gone well.

"I'd like to say one more thing", I proclaimed.
"I know that this interview was extremely unpleasant for everyone and I would like to apologize once again.

My thoughts were to run out of the room and never return just from shear embracement. But I didn't because I want to work for you so much that I am prepared to go through terrible adversity in order to reach that goal. I know that if, in the unlikely event that I am offered the job that I may be the subject of ridicule during my time here as a result of my interview. But in my eyes that is a small price to pay for the privilege of working for this firm in this position.

As you can see I will not give up and I will not run away no matter how tough the situation. If this unpleasant experience has shown you anything about me, it is that I am one who will tough it out to get the result.", I said.

And with that fine finale we finished the interview.

I was offered the job 24 hours later. Surprisingly, the director later told me that it was my composure under pressure that impressed them – not my speech. She said that I would likely be attending many ‘stinking' meetings and if I could hold my cool the way I did that interview then I would go a long way.


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