Friday, April 2, 2010

EYE of an Interviewer

Imagine yourself sitting in a dark room, with a bulb hanging on top of your face, and someone shooting questions at you.... Scared are you!!

Well an interview is much easier and simpler than this. An interview is usually conducted in a calm and friendly environment to release the stress for a candidate.
The objective of an interview can be broken down to the below mentioned points:

  1. Technical Round
     1)      How much you have learned?
     2)      How much you tend to learn beyond what almost everyone knows?
     3)      Do you actually apply what you have learned?

  1. HR Round
1)      How friendly you are?
2)      How well you gel?
3)      Team spirit?
4)      Do you participate in extracurricular activities also? (Important for maintaining a good working environment in company)

  1. MR Round
1)      How well you handle tricky situations?
2)      How loyal and honest you are?
3)      How well you balance between personal and business situations?

A senior member from Motorola’s recruitment panel says "Apart from the desired technical skill in a candidate, they also look for the desire to solve the new and unknown problems. If the candidate has the zeal to solve a problem, then a little hint in the right direction can result in a good and innovative solution."

These days’ companies are coming with innovative ideas to judge the suitable candidates for a required job and also to measure the willingness and the reasons as to why a candidate wants to join a particular company. A mix of technical and managerial skill is what companies look out for; after all they need to make sure that the future of a company goes in safe hands.

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Nice work, but it will be great if you can provide some more details about interviews..
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