Thursday, April 22, 2010

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HI friends,
I’m here to share my Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN) experience with you. 
I thank team to provide me an opportunity to share
my experience with all. 
First of all let me tell you about the 
Nokia Siemens Test Pattern
       ·        Aptitude( 20 ques, 30 min)
       ·        Technical( 25 ques, 30 min)
      ·        Technical + HR (Combined)
About written, the aptitude part was very simple, you don’t even need to read any book, only a good IQ level is enough. 
But guys don’t take risk just do RS Aggarwal. But the technical part was good and had questions from every subject of ECE. 
Although the questions were very simple but it included almost every subject and tricky one.

We were 114 students who took the written exam and after 2 hours result was out and this was the first time in the history
(TCS + Infosys) of written exam that my name was there lolzz...god thanks a lot!!! 
Once I cleared the written I was feeling very much relaxed coz it was very important for me to clear the written as I was not 
able to do it twice before. Now that was the golden opportunity for me so I didn’t want to make any mistake (though I did many).

For interview I mainly stressed upon two subjects (Analog communication and CCN (Computer Networks)). Apart from that I brushed
up some basics of Digital electronics and about my academic projects. (No need to do C, C++ etc at all they don’t even bother about it,
infact I erased it from my CV also.)

Now I am going to discuss about my interview as it was a combined interview, so I am writing it in the same order. It took about 30 min.

Interview (technical + HR):
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: hello.
Myself: hello sir.(he offered me snacks, I politely said “No Thanks!!”)
Nokia Siemens Interviewer:  what is your perception about life??
Myself: told (also gave him example why do I think so).
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: what is your aim (short term n long term)??
Myself: told (my both aims are same, doesn’t matter but u should have explanation).
CareerInfoline word of advice: Aims infuse meaning and hopes in our lives, it create a target to achieve and inspire and motivates us 
to get it. It also shows your awareness, without awareness you can not aim for something meaningful, only time makes decision for you. 
We advise you to think about this question not just for interview but also to have an improved life ahead. An on the spot answer might 
not earn you credibility if you don’t back it up with right examples.
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: What do you know about CDMA?
Myself: explained about CDMA and also spread spectrum technique.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: How is it different from TDMA and FDMA?
Myself: explained basic concept.
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Which one is better CDMA or GSM?
Myself: CDMA

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Why??
Myself: due to its speed, efficiency, high data rate and it is also much secure than GSM.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: so Why reliance is coming to the GSM market these days if CDMA so superior than GSM?
Myself: confused, might b d implementation of d CDMA is costly (not satisfactory answer).

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: if I posted you in Gujarat how will you adjust??
Myself: told (this is the much relaxing question he asked).
Nokia Siemens Interviewer:  you are looking very passionate.
Myself: yes sir, I am.
CareerInfoline word of advice: It is important to show your zeal and passion towards work. We have clearly mentioned
in our blog “An Eye of an Interviewer” that companies don’t expect a 100% correct solution but they look for “Never give
up attitude” and your passion towards work.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: So, I suppose you must have done something different in your  
Myself: Yes Sir, I was among the 2 students out f 200 who got selected in IIT's alumni robotics organization..

CareerInfoline word of advice: Setting yourself apart from others is a golden rule of cracking an Interview. 
But make sure you can prove that you don’t just follow others blindly and try to bring in new things in your work.  
Never try to cook up such things.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Only 2 students?
Myself: yes sir.( looked very impressed) I got selected for the training program, I attended and delivered more 
than 20 workshops with them all across the country in many NIT's and IIT's( named them).

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: good.
(Then he asked me very little about projects) 

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Do u have any interest in IT field?
Myself: No sir.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Why?
Myself: told that my sister insisted me to take the CSE branch but I had interest in mathematics so that’s why 
I choose ECE.
CareerInfoline word of advice: Make sure you give such pointers only if you want interview to go in that direction.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: find out the sq root of 0.9?? (he gave me a blank paper)
Myself: done

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: he gave me d quadratic and a cubic equation to find d roots.
Myself: I solved d quadratic equation but cubic seems to be difficult, I was trying (he interrupted...thank god!!!)

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: ok, what do you know about NSN?
Myself: I was well prepared for this question so told and I also mention about a controversy, in which NSN gave 
its interception technology to a Iran company TCI and due to that tech. the speed of the internet reduced by one
tenth of original. (They both smiled)    

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Which is your favorite subject?
Myself: Embedded Systems n Robotics.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: which subject you don’t like?
Myself: DSP
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Do you have knowledge about logic gates??
Myself: Yes sir.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: What does a 0 and 1 stand for in digital electronics??
Myself: sir 0 corresponds to low state and 0 volt whereas 1 stands for the high state and 5 volts.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: what is the representation of 1.1V ??
Myself: sir, there is a particular value; I think it is 3.2 below which it is considered as 0V and above which it is 5V.
Nokia Siemens Interviewer: What is NOT gate??
Myself: Explained 

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: He drew a input waveform and asked me to draw corresponding output of NOT gate??
Myself: I drew the output waveform but done a blunder. (Actually he drew an analog triangular pulse and I drew its mirror image).

Nokia Siemens Interviewer:  can a NOT gate give output to an analog signal??
Myself: (oh shit... now wt to say) sorry sir. (Paused)

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Can you make a transistor with two diodes?
Myself: yes sir (I don know why I said yes but this is again a blunder).

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Are you sure??
Myself: yes sir. (He was looking disappointed and I thought bas ho gaya kaam..)

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: what is CSMA?
Myself: (I discussed CSMA just before my interview with my friend) told n also explained its types CSMA/CD 
and CSMA/CA.
CareerInfoline Word of Advice: Never mention your plans of pursuing a higher education if you are preparing for them. Companies come looking for people who will remain stable with the organization. They do not want to invest their resources on people who will leave them in a year or two. You must sound like you are very stable and this is like a dream come true.

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: Do u have any further plans for higher studies??
Myself: No sir. (Make sure u never say yes)

Nokia Siemens Interviewer: but why, there r lot of options like Mtech, IES n PSU's which make your future brighter?
Myself: explained.
Finally he said ok see you and shook hand with me and here I again did a mistake, I didn’t shake hand with other interviewer so I again 
turned back n shook hand with him.

Moment of Life
Altogether my interview was good but I have done 2-3 blunder mistakes in technical part so I was having somewhat doubt in ma mind that 
those blunders could have cost me. So finally after 2 hours result was out n with d grace f god d first name announced from my college was 
of me. yupieee....!!!!
God I love u!!!!     


Saranya said...

Which is better NSN or TCS for a ECE student.. (salary almost the same.. )
is there growth in NSN.. m from chennai

Careerinfoline said...

You can post your query at our forum mentored by industry people. They can help you solve your confusion.

Rahul said...

Hi It all depends on your field of interest. Though from a bird's eye view both companies are related to coding, but NSN is much more concentrated towards the field of networking and hence if you are an electronics engineer with an interest in networking, then NSN is best suited otherwise tcs is recommended..
Both are equally good companies to work for.