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Hello Friends

I got placed in Infosys few months back straight from college, and in this post I’m going to share my INFOSYS Interview experience with the readers.
Before I begin I want to clarify a few things
 I’m from electronics background and technically not very strong in programming, yet pretty strong in 2 subjects of mine courses. I love reading and I was aware of everything mentioned in my resume and everything means everything here.

Infosys Process

Infosys process for fresh hiring in colleges include
  o       A Written exam
   §         Aptitude
   §         English
  o       A HR Interview
Technical discussion in the process is very limited and is primarily confined to interview. If one is able to clear to the written exam, one has a strong chance of clearing the interview.

The logical section of test was easy to do. English was a bit tricky but my reading helped me in cracking the questions will relative ease. I was among the people who were able to crack the test.

Now came my turn for the much revered Infosys Interview. I was all high on confidence and was the first one to be interviewed by my interviewer. As I entered I found a charming lady in her early 40’s sitting there.

Infosys Interviewer: Welcome Gentleman!
She asked for my CV and asked me to take a seat. I kept my file on my lap and sat looking straight into her eyes eagerly anticipating the question “INTRODUCE YOURSELF”

Infosys Interviewer: Well, so how has been the journey so far
Myself: I couldn’t understand for a second how to start? “Is it about the Infosys process journey or about my life in general” Hesitantly, I guessed and started to talk about my life in general.
“Well, madam my life has been pretty good, full of experiences yet overall I’m enjoying this life of mine. I have a wonderful supporting family and a group of great friends. I have had my share of bad experiences in life too, yet I have learnt from them and they have made me mentally tough n balanced.”

Infosys Interviewer:  What experiences are you talking about?
Myself: So my guess was correct. I had a sigh of relief!! With this the next answer came out. I mentioned about some of my big failures, one being unable to get into a good engineering college.

While I was blurting out my answer, the pretty lady was busy browsing through my resume. She interrupted and asked

Infosys Interviewer: You have mentioned guitar as a hobby. So, which guitar do you play?
Myself: I have been learning to play the guitar for quite sometime now. I instantly answered. “Acoustic”
I frankly think she had no clue about what I was talking, but the confidence in my eyes ensured that I was speaking the truth and so she changed the topic instantly.

Career Infoline Word of Advice:  Never mention anything in the resume that you have not done on your own. The interviewers have the knack of picking up these things and grilling the interviewee on that. Howsoever you try, they will in the end be able to catch you lies. One lie caught and your interview is over. Nothing else matters, Integrity and truthfulness are the characteristics an interviewer will never compromise on.

Infosys Interviewer: What type of books you read?
Myself: My eyes lit up. I wanted this question as I am an avid reader and have read many good books.
“Madam, of the last few books, I read some are India Imagining by Nandan Nilekani’s (Infosys founder), It’s not about the bike- Lance Armstrong’s biography, The Google Story I made her realize that reading is a part of my daily routine.

Infosys Interviewer: What has reading taught u? How has it enriched u?
Myself: Now this was a googly. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. I tried to articulate my feelings, but fumbled in my sentence formation. Yet I stayed calm. Slowly some ideas struck me and I told her, “Madam, I have gained knowledge about various domains of life like sports and cycling in particular from Lance Armstrong’s book. It is a truly inspiring story. The Google Story gave me an insight about how the entire search cycle on the internet is controlled. It gave me an insider perspective of what google is all about”

Career Infoline Word of Advice:  This question was implanted to test the knowledge about the books that were mentioned. Avid readers generally have an opinion about their reading and also are vocal about what they have learnt. If one is really a passionate reader, one can continue for hours describing this answer, if one is faking, then most likely one will stop after a line or two.

Infosys Interviewer:  So, You had training at CDAC. What did you learn over there?
Myself: I had my training in CDAC on networking some one and a half years back, but while preparing for the interview I had spent some time on the projects that I did over there. I was expecting this question. I told her some details about the project and mentioned about Packet Tracer (the s/w I used there).
I knew she was a HR manager so I used many technical terms here to show my inclination to technology, I was sure that chances of getting cross questioned were less so I went on and on.

Infosys Interviewer:  “That is great, but why did you do training with a manufacturing firm after 3rd year?”
Myself: Luckily something which has bugged us all in the last one-two years came to my rescue. THE RECESSION!!
“Madam as you very well know, last year was a time of peak recession. MNC’s were not accepting students as interns and due to family reasons I wasn’t interested in paying hefty sum to a training center like CDAC again.”
She was happy that I was being honest. Frankly, I was preparing for MBA entrance and did not want to reveal this in a job interview.

Career Infoline Word of Advice:  Never mention your plans of pursuing a higher education if you are preparing for them. Companies come looking for people who will remain stable with the organization. They do not want to invest their resources on people who will leave them in a year or two. You must sound like you are very stable and this is like a dream come true.

Infosys Interviewer:  You are from Electronics. How will you work in IT?
Myself: “Madam I’m desperately looking for a job. Recession took its toll on our seniors and I do not want to be without a job after my college gets over. It can be Infosys or TCS or Wipro, all these companies are good in their own ways and provides the student community a platform to launch themselves in the corporate world.”
I also mentioned that my college is a C grade college where we don’t get enough sector specific companies like Freescale, Intel, Nokia etc for electronics so we need to keep ourselves open to all opportunities that are provided to us. After some time I felt that I was speaking unnecessarily extending my answer, so went mum.

Career Infoline Word of Advice:  Never say anything bad about your present. Even if your college, surroundings or in that matter anything is bad, do not say it is bad. Mention that there are some inefficiencies, but I’m hopeful that we will be able to address them in sometime soon. You must always come out as an optimistic person who has the capacity to fight it out even from the toughest of the conditions.

 She was satisfied with my responses and said she was done with me and I could leave. I was keen to ask her a question. I was asked by the Career Infoline mentors to do so as it shows your interest in the company. I also wanted to know her name atleast, yet I decided to walk out. I stood up and said “thanks, it was a pleasure talking to you” and left.

Showdown Time:

Finally after a very long process of some 100 odd interviews, the list came out. I was extremely delighted to be among the successful candidates. I finally had a job. All these years of painful study of the concepts of engineering finally bore fruit.
All I can suggest to people who might end up reading my story to have confidence in your abilities and develop decent communication skills so that you can convey your viewpoint across the table. If you can get some good mentors to guide you well, you will be able to capitalize the limited opportunities you get to become an IT Professional.

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